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What types of eye doctors are there?
There are three main types of eye care doctor. In this article, find out about their different roles, as well as the differences in training and levels of expertise. ... read more

Gastroenterologists: What to know
Gastroenterologists are medical professionals who specialize in the digestive system. Learn about what they do and the conditions they may treat here. ... read more

What does a radiologist do?
A radiologist is a doctor who interprets medical imaging, such as X-rays. Learn more about what they do and the education that they receive here. ... read more

Male scientists more likely to present findings positively
Clinical articles with male first or last authors tend to be more positive about findings than those with female first and last authors, says a new study. ... read more

Parkinson's disease: Scientists review male and female differences
In a new review, scientists sum up the role of biological sex in the development, features, mechanisms, risks, and treatment of Parkinson's disease. ... read more

What was ancient Egyptian medicine like?
Ancient Egyptian documents are probably the earliest records of healthcare practice. The ancient Egyptians knew something about the human body and they sought healing through both herbal medicine and ... read more

What is medicine?
Medicine is not just about doctors and nurses but covers a wide range of specialties and qualifications. Find out more about some of the many fields involved in medicine. ... read more

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